The latest "on stage players" :

"The King"

Here's an axe I borrowed from EB
to use at a show where we opened for "The Average White Band" in 2003.
A Gibson BB King Signature Model Lucille
in stunning cherry red,
rather than the more common ebony.
It's been "Deaf Eddie-ed" - loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncans
and a bit of tricky wiring...
To EB, it was "Lucille," but to me it's "the KING!"

I HAD to have it!!!

Cash has changed hands, and now it's MINE, ALL MINE!


Here's the guitar that really got me going
on all this custom pickup stuff.
It's a blonde Epiphone Dot,
that was "Deaf Eddie-ed" - a pair of Seymour Duncan 59er's
with coil-shunts on a push/pull pot at the neck volume spot.
It sings!
I have had players with their
REAL Gibson ES-335's come up
and ask me how I got such a sweet tone...


It's one of my original Teles...
But it ain't set up with the original stuff!

Originally sunburst, I painted it a funky red and played it for years with a Seymour Duncan 1/4 Pounder in the Bridge and a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the neck spot. A few years ago, it was refinished safety green and the neck pup was swapped out. After trying a couple of others, we wound up with another 1/4 Pounder in the neck spot, too...

So, I guess now it's a Tele HALF-POUNDER!
Want fries with that? It already comes with lots of cheeeeeeeeeeese...


Here's a close up of another tone monster
Deaf Eddie rebuilt for me.
It's a three-pup MIJ Foto-flame Tele
that we've loaded with Seymour Duncan Lil 59er's
at the neck and bridge spots.
These are wired with the Deaf Eddie's Five-Tone Tele Scheme,
ignoring the middle pup,
so I have five combos just from the bridge and neck (to start with).
The coil shunts are activated by a push/pull at the tone pot...
So, that's TEN tones.
Then, slickest part is the middle pup on/off
on a push/pull at the volume knob - for TWENTY TONES!
With the middle pup off, I get all the Tele tones,
and with the middle pup on I get all the Strat tones...


Here's a nice little Squire Strat with the two-point fulcrum bridge. Originally a "fat" model with a humbucker in the bridge spot, we've swapped that pickguard out for a custom pickguard loaded with an AmStd Delta-Tone set - and, of course, a Deaf Eddie FAT-O-Caster V.3. I prefer the FAT-O V.3 because it puts all the new tones at the bridge end of the 5-way switch - easier to find them in the heat of battle. It's the "pewter" (silver) finish, but, in person, the bronze color in the pickguard seems to make the finish glow a light bronze - so, it's "Goldie.."

Here we are backstage (left) and on stage (right, with Spot) at San Diego's Belly Up Tavern,
opening for The Average White Band.
Left to right, that's BoB, Spot the Dot, the King, Blondie and Gumbee...

Chatting with Alan Gorrie (leader of the AWB) backstage at the Belly Up...

On stage with one of Chicago's guitar heros (at the time, he had relocated to Palm Springs), Kal David...

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